Did you know that nepeta cataria organic oil is good for the family cat but bad for bugs? Its true and several studies conducted over the years may be used to back up that claim. You can find them published in periodicals like EntoMedical and Veterinary EmologyPhytochemistryExperimental and Applied Acarology and the Journal of Medical Entomology. Collectively, they show that the organic oil will repel filth flies, mosquitoes, stable flies, red poultry mites, ixodid ticks and dust mites. If you ask us, that’s pretty impressive for an ornamental plant.

On the off chance that you’ve never heard of nepeta cataria before, please allow us to give a bit of background information. It is a member of the Lamiaceae Family. Consequently, it’s typically classified as an herbaceous perennial. If you were to encounter the plant in the wild, it would most likely have toothed leaves, tall stalks and petite flowers that have two lips and irregular corollas.

Because of the plants’ inherent properties, people have been growing and using them in a variety of ways for centuries. As the studies we mentioned earlier pointed out, the ability to naturally repel insects is obviously one of them. The list of other problems nepeta cataria is said to help solve includes, but isn’t restricted to inflammation, gastrointestinal distress, insomnia, hives and headaches. However, credible studies that bolster those health related claims are very hard to find.

Although the plant will provide some measure of protection against insects in its whole form, it’s much more effective after being converted into pure, organic oils. Many people choose to do that by steaming the nepeta cataria. It’s a lengthy process that helps to release the plant’s organic compounds and hydrocarbons (e.g. nepetalactone and terpenoid). They are the basis for the organic oils, which may be added to a variety of personal care products and insect repellents.

To learn more about nepeta cataria and other essential oils that effectively keep biting insects away, please contact Dr. Fedorenko today. We manufacture a line of nepeta cataria infused, organic bug repellents that are phthalate, paraban, soy, DEET and dairy free.