One of the things that makes ticks so dangerous is just how easy it is to end up infested with them, and the number of dangerous diseases you can contract from them. Here’s a guide all about how the dangers of tick diseases and what you can do about them.

Tick Diseases

 There are a number of different diseases that you can contract from ticks. One of the primary ones is Lyme Disease, which can be found almost throughout the United States, but it’s especially prevalent in the Northeastern and some Mid-Atlantic states according to the CDC.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is a disease that comes from ticks that can be found in southeastern and southern states especially. Other diseases include Anaplasmosis, Ehrilichiosis, and Tularemia.

Ease of Infection

Ticks are distributed throughout the United States, and many of them are extremely hard to see so they are difficult to avoid without some kind of preventive measure. It’s not like you can see them lying in wait for you on the nature trail. Many ticks like the Blacklegged Tick are a fraction the size of a dime.

It only takes one to infect you.


The key to Lyme disease prevention in the first place is to use the right tick repellant, such as Bug Stick. It’s important to use organic products because a lot of products that use DEET are dangerous. They can cause skin irritation and other maladies. You don’t want to trade one problem for another, after all.

Fortunately, there are plenty of safe products available that are also effective at keeping ticks away. Contact us today to get some information about safe repellant options.