Watch Our Bug Stick in Action!

Summer is in full swing! If you are like me, you've waited through a long winter in the Hamptons for the few months of the year where we can enjoy the outdoors and be active! In my opinion, the only downside of summer in the Hamptons (in addition the traffic) is having to continually check yourself for ticks. 

While listening to live music at the new Decker's in Sag Harbor last week, I ran into a friend of mine who told me she had recently been "bitten by the tick that makes you allergic to meat." I had no clue that being bitten by a Lone Star Tick could cause this temporary (and sometimes permanent) allergic reaction, so I was quite taken aback. I love a good burger or steak! 

The next night, I attended a big gala that was held under a tent in a grassy field, and I was so grateful I was wearing my Dr. Fedorenko True Organic Bug Stick. I thought about the 500 people at the event and wondered how many of them might bring home an unwanted guest or two. Thankfully, I would not be one of those people, because Dr. Fedorenko True Organic Bug Stick truly works!

Dr. Fedorenko recently tested the product's effectiveness, and the results were incredible. Ticks literally run away from the bug stick boundary. You can see for yourself in this video below.

However, applying the bug stick to your arms or legs only is not enough, which I would never have guessed. For full coverage, apply your stick to your wrists, ankles, shoulders, neck, and lower abdomen and back, as shown in this video, as this will create belts of protection all over your body. Very important to know!

Dr. Fedorenko True Organic Bug Stick what is the best natural insect repellent is a must-have for the summer. I don't go anywhere without mine. You can order yours on our website at Enjoy your summer and favorite outdoor activities worry-free!