Why Use Organic Skin Care Products

These days, people are becoming more educated about various products that are available to us today. As a result, consumers are choosing products that support good health and overall well-being, but also considering the environmental and ethical concerns. More and more people are making conscious decisions to support companies that use sustainably sourced ingredients, or ones that refrain from testing on animals. As we become more aware of the effects of our consumer choices, many people are choosing to avoid foods with unnatural chemicals because of their potentially detrimental effects. So logically, would you choose to apply these same chemicals to your body? Many skin care products that are on the market today have some sort of chemicals in them – some are even suggested to be carcinogenic!

The Lowdown on Non-Organic Skin Care Products

Unnatural and non-organic skincare products are what many people will find to be most accessible. They are the big name brands from large conglomerates that make everything from hair care to skin care. Anti-aging creams, face cleansers, and various moisturizers are just a few of the skin care products that are being offered today that have questionable ingredients in them. Many of these products have some sort of petroleum or other synthetic material in its list of ingredients. But what does that mean for you? Well, for starters, these products can cause blemishes, rashes, and other irritations. This is especially true for people with sensitive skin. In the end, they can cause more harm than good.

It is important to read the label of all of your skin care products before you buy them. Toxic ingredients are extremely bad for your skin and your overall well-being. Again, if you won’t eat synthetic, potentially detrimental materials, why would you want them on your skin? Skin care products are supposed to get rid of acne, dry skin, rashes, and the early signs of aging, not create them. But using non-organic skin care products does just this, which is the exact opposite of what most people want and what they are made to do. Ingredients to look out for are things like glycerin, glycol, petrolatum, xanthan gum, parabens, triclosan, Phenoxyethanol, and various perfumes and synthetic dyes. Basically, if you don’t know what it is, it is most likely a toxic or synthetic substance.

Why You Should Choose Organic Skin Care Products

Skin care products made from organic and non-artificial ingredients can be extremely effective in nourishing your skin. They can help get rid of or reduce acne, slow down the aging process, and will not cause irritations.

Organic skin care products are made from natural ingredients that are extremely beneficial for your skin. You will feel the difference immediately and your skin will be grateful. One key way of knowing if a skin care product is organic is by how much you need to use, as very little should be needed. Many skin care products made from natural ingredients tend to feel much lighter on your skin, allowing it to breathe.

It should be noted that not all organic skin care products are truly 100% organic, as the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) will label something as organic if 95% of the ingredients are organic. There are also skin care products that are made with organic products and labeled as such. These products are allowed this stamp if 70% of the ingredients are organic, but the organic ingredients must be clearly stated. For example; ‘Made with organic ______’. Consumers should be wary of these products. They likely have the same toxic or synthetic ingredients that comprise non-organic skin care products.

This means that it is important to choose wisely, as not all organic skin care products are made equally. You can trust that Dr. Fedorenko’s True Organic Skin Stick™ is 100% natural, organic and handcrafted in the USA. Those that are not truly organic often contain some sort of silicone since it feels much lighter on the skin, giving it the appearance that it is an organic product. Still, even products that are 95% organic are much safer than non-organic skin care products. 

Dr. Fedorenko’s True Organic™ Products Are Safe for Your Skin, the Environment, and Animals!

The bottom line is that you should choose organic products because they are better for the environment and better for your health and well-being. They tend to have less risk of allergy and irritation. For example, Dr. Fedorenko’s True Organic™ products do not contain dairy or soy. Yes, these products tend to be a bit more expensive, but this is because they do not have a large production rate like the factories that mass-produce products with inexpensive ingredients. Since organic products tend to be more effective, less of it is needed. In the end, these products can be a better investment. You will surely be keeping your skin healthy and nourished. 

You can be rest assured that organic skin care products contain no harmful substances, like paraben and phthalate. Instead, everything that is on the label of ingredients are things that you are familiar with, such as botanical butters, organic oils, beeswax, aloe vera, and vitamin E. Dr. Fedorenko’s True Organic Skin Sticks™ are not tested on animals, so they are even more worthwhile to use.

There are several organic skin care products on the market today but unfortunately, most large grocery stores and pharmacies don’t carry them. This makes them a bit harder to purchase but they are worth seeking out. Fortunately, Dr. Fedorenko’s True Organic™ products are available to purchase online. Products such as these are worthwhile to research and try out for yourself. Your skin will certainly be grateful!