The Essence of Healing

 Momentum Building benefits of Essential oils

It’s no surprise that the building clocks for our health and and happiness exist in nature. For common aspirin to today’s most advanced medical breakthroughs, the natural world – and healing plants in particular- often provides the remedies our bodies need. Like us, plants have their own ways to find nourishment, fight disease, replicate, and heal. Essential oils are potent yet gentle concentrates distilled from the aromatic substances of nature’s most healing plants: what helps these plants flourish can help do the same for us.

Essential oils particles are tiny and evaporate quickly. As we sense their complex aroma, we can absorb them through our skin or inhale them. They the interact with the brain and the rest of our physiology to heal us from within. We can use them to help us to sleep, relax our muscles, and steady us through hormonal shifts. These subtle essences offer as accessible way to fight illness, lift spirit, calm the mind, and redirect our energies. With essential oils, we can bring timeless natural principles into accord with our need for health and our impulse toward growth.

While the FDA has not approved the use of essential oils in any capacity as a drug, they have approved several products, such as Vicks VapoRub, that contain them. In fact, countless universally accepted drugs are, like these oils, applied topically, inhaled or ingested, but the prestige proffered by patents and prescriptions keep essential oils largely in the periphery of the general public. However, these too is beginning to change.

As growing popularity pushes essential oils into the broader market, I recommend curios customers proceed with caution concerning quality and purity. So when are choose your essential oils, choose them at their top quality and I promise that the effects of quality oils will be the evidence that helps them prevail.

 Still skeptical? Start with these tried and true, multi-purpose oils.

Our Top Picks -Must-Have Essentials.

Used for centuries as a natural astringent to combat bad breath, soothe indigestion and overcome fatigue, oil from the peppermint plant can also reduce nausea and cramping.




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