If you have skin that’s prone to getting damaged from getting too dry, or from other potential irritants like bug bites, one great solution is herbal salves. Here are a few ways herbal salves can help you maintain healthy skin and a healthy disposition.


A good herbal salve will moisturize your skin with pure oils. It’s often a problem in certain climates for skin to become dry. Dry skin can crack and even bleed. That’s why it’s important to moisturize your skin periodically, especially if you know that you have skin that’s prone to getting cracked.

Protect Against Bites

Another important medicinal property of a good herbal salve is that it will help keep bugs away from you. They won’t want to bite you because your skin will taste bad to them, and it could even warn them off with the scent.

While there are various salves you can put on to ease bug bites, the best approach is to not get any bites in the first place.


Another useful medicinal property of some salves is that they put out a strong aroma. This can help improve your mood and make you feel better in general.

The important thing is to look for salves that are completely natural without any dangerous chemicals in them like DEET. Some herbal salves will have ingredients that aren’t friendly to the environment, and many have chemicals that aren’t friendly all to your skin or your body in the long run like DEET.

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