Tick Repellant and Other Measures to Keep Yourself Tick-Free

Ticks are a danger to all people due to the fact that they can carry blood borne diseases from one person to another. Lyme disease prevention is the best cure so far. Here are a few ways to make sure that you keep your body free of ticks.  

Avoid Tick Infested Areas When Possible

Ticks prefer areas that are moist and that have a high degree of humidity. Any areas with tall grass that are particularly wet are a danger in terms of ticks. It helps to stay on the path in trails and to even stay towards the middle of the path to reduce the danger that you’ll end up getting ticks.

There’s a certain degree to which you can’t avoid some danger of ticks without stronger measures, however.

Use Organic Tick Repellant

Another important thing to do when you know you’ll be spending a lot of time outside is to use tick repellent in order to keep the ticks from finding their way onto you in the first place. The important thing when choosing tick repellant is to make sure that you find a version of it that’s organic and not dangerous to you.

Check Yourself Properly

It’s important to use a mirror to look for ticks after you come inside from the great outdoors. Ticks like to hide anywhere they can, so make sure you check yourself all around your hair, on the back of your knees, around your ears, and anywhere else where they could conceivably hide.

If you find a tick, you’ll want to get rid of it using tweezers. The sooner you get rid of the tick, the less of a chance there is that the tick will cause you problems.

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