We are proud to be the Grommets !

Hi everyone, this is probably the most exciting day and I am happy to share it with you! Today, we are proudly launched on The Grommet.

 What is Grommet? The Grommet is the online launch platform for early-stage consumer products from independent Makers like myself. Since 2008, more than 60, 000 products have been evaluated by the Grommet. Our Bug Stick and Bug Bar Organic mosquitos and tick repellent, is one of only 2,000 products - or 3% of all products that were selected to be launched! This is an important step for our team and I, as we continue to develop our line of products.

This organic bug repellent, discovered by The Grommet, uses essential oils and herbs to hydrate to your skin, while keeping biting insects away for hours. Repel comes in stick form, like a deodorant stick. It goes on easily and feels more like a moisturizer or lotion because of the nourishing ingredients. You’re hands don’t even need to touch it to apply, either. It’s better than a spray, too—because with spray on repellent, a lot gets wasted in the air. It’s completely organic —no chemicals, no alcohol, no DEET—nothing petroleum based. The key ingredients are certified-organic essential oils and herbs. Repel’s essential oils also have aroma-therapeutic properties. Some people believe aromatherapy helps lift the spirits, which is a nice extra benefit. Everything about Repel is designed to keep you feeling a little less… bugged.

Grommets are products with purpose by people with stories to help us all Buy Differently.



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