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Natural Repellent

Natural Repellent Products You Can Trust

Are you sick and tired of unhealthy insect repellents? Well that is where we come in. Welcome to Dr Fedorenko True Organic, your first choice for DEET free tick repellent, and DEET free mosquito repellent. There are so many unhealthy and horribly processed skincare products out there, many of which we are using without really fully understanding the consequences of putting such things onto our skin. This is whatDr Fedorenko True Organicaims to amend, because it is our mission to provide as many customers as we can with high quality natural repellent products that actually work. Contact us atDr Fedorenko True Organicand we will help you gracefully stride forward and emerge from the foggy muck of processed skincare purgatory.


Our goal is to provide nontoxic, natural repellent products, for reliably competitive prices that you can count on. At Dr Fedorenko True Organic, we believe that in order to truly have a great store (online or not), you need to be as well-rounded as possible. That is why we carry such a wide range of different natural products because we want to make sure our store is as comprehensive as possible. From DEET free tick repellent and DEET free mosquito repellent, to natural sunscreen, moisturizer and much more; we’ve got it all!


Our proven and effective natural repellent products will do the job right. So remember, if you are looking for a quality DEET free tick repellent or DEET free mosquito repellent that wont leave your skin feeling yucky; look no further than Dr Fedorenko True Organic.

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