About Dr. Fedorenko True Organic

Our Story

It all began when Julia Fedorenko-Bitton, a Naturopath, and a Clinical Herbalist, moved with her two children from New York City to the Hamptons, a beautiful place with endless beaches, surrounded by farms, and woodlands, which is a place known as Lyme disease “hot spot”. The need to protect her family from being bit by ticks, that transmit this debilitating disease, served as an inspiration to create her first product, a nontoxic and effective tick repellent. This is how the Bug Stick, was born.

This natural tick repellent quickly became a superstar in the local community, with growing popularity all over the country. Since then, Dr. Fedorenko True Organic product line had expanded into sustainable, earth-friendly, organic skincare, which continues to grow.

“ I keep making our products and expand our line because personally, I like to use products that are safe and effective. And I know that many other people feel the same.”

- Julia Fedorenko - Bitton, Founder