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DEET free mosquito and tick repellent with natural ingredients. Most insect repellents contain the controversial ingredient DEET that has been strongly linked to problems with brain functionality, muscle coordination, weakness and even memory loss. Dr. Fedorenko True Organic is DEET-free repellent that is clinically proven to repel tick and mosquito bites for up to four hours, and is safe for the whole family to use!

Pure Skin. Pure Protection.

All of our products guarantee it. Each item from the Dr. Fedorenko line of products is made from natural ingredients. Anyone in the family can use it. The all natural bug repellents are alcohol free, DEET free and certified organic. This is because all of our products are:

Clinically Proven

Clinically tested to keep mosquitoes and other harmful insects at a distance


No preservatives, artificial colors, synthetics or fragrances are used in our products production


We do not test on animals


No petroleum based ingredients are used in our products production


DrFedorenko True Organic Bug Stick In Action

"This organic bug repellent, discovered by The Grommet, uses essential oils and herbs to hydrate to your skin, while keeping biting insects away for hours. Repel comes in stick form, like a deodorant stick. It goes on easily and feels more like a moisturizer or lotion because of the nourishing ingredients. You’re hands don’t even need to touch it to apply, either. It’s better than a spray, too—because with spray on repellent, a lot gets wasted in the air.

It’s completely organic —no chemicals, no alcohol, no DEET—nothing petroleum based. The key ingredients are certified-organic essential oils and herbs. Repel’s essential oils also have aroma-therapeutic properties. Some people believe aromatherapy helps lift the spirits, which is a nice extra benefit. Everything about Repel is designed to keep you feeling a little less… bugged."


Dr Fedorenko True Organic Presents...


Good For Your Skin. Kind To Our Planet...


Watch Our Bug Stick in Action!

July 24, 2016

Summer is in full swing! If you are like me, you've waited through a long winter in the Hamptons for the few months of the year where we can enjoy the outdoors and be active! In my opinion, the only downside of summer in the Hamptons (in addition the traffic) is having to continually check yourself for ticks.  While listening to live music at the new Decker's in Sag Harbor last week, I ran into a friend of mine who told me she had recently been "bitten by the tick that makes you allergic to meat." I had no clue that being bitten by a Lone Star Tick could cause this temporary (and sometimes permanent) allergic reaction, so I was quite taken aback. I...

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The Essence of Healing

April 14, 2016

Momentum Building benefits of Essential oils It’s no surprise that the building clocks for our health and and happiness exist in nature. For common aspirin to today’s most advanced medical breakthroughs, the natural world – and healing plants in particular- often provides the remedies our bodies need. Like us, plants have their own ways to find nourishment, fight disease, replicate, and heal. Essential oils are potent yet gentle concentrates distilled from the aromatic substances of nature’s most healing plants: what helps these plants flourish can help do the same for us. Essential oils particles are tiny and evaporate quickly. As we sense their complex aroma, we can absorb them through our skin or inhale them. They the interact with the...

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