Organic Skin Care by Dr. Fedorenko True Organics

Naturally So Good For Your Skin

Not Tested On Animals, GMO Free, Organic Ingredients, Sustainably Made, Responsibly Sourced...

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Fragrance-Free Moistirizer by Dr. Fedorenko True Organics

Fragrance-Free Moisturizer

Minimalistic in its ingredients, this Cocoa Butter powered formula does not contain any fragrances, perfumes or other additives that can lead skin to become even more inflamed and sensitive, instead, it drastically improves dry skin, eczema, and other dry skin conditions.

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Organic Sunblock For Face by Dr. Fedorenko True Organics

Biodegradable Sunscreen. Safe For Your Skin and Marine Life.

Non Nano, SPF30, provides broad spectrum sun protection and helps nourish, revitalize, calm and improve skin elasticity. Helps to promote vital, youthful and radiant skin. Won't clog your pores Won't burn your eyes Won't poison your body Won't harm marine life and corals

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Natural Insect Repellent by Dr. Fedorenko True Organics

DEET Free Tick and Mosquito Repellent

This tried-and-true formulation of Organic Citronella, Cedar, and Lemongrass Essential Oils, which have been used for centuries to naturally repel insects and bugs, make our Bug Stick an effective natural insect repellent without DEET, Permethrin, or other harmful chemicals.

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