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Skin Protection is Crucial to Your Overall Health

We pay close attention to the ingredients we put into our bodies, carefully reading the labels on food packaging and choosing the healthiest organic options. However, when it comes to the products we put on our skin, we may find ourselves taking a more laid-back approach. At True Organic we encourage our customers to make smarter choices and to be as discerning in their use of skincare products as they are with their food. We embody a philosophy of informed consumerism and empower our customers with transparency and information about all our products.

Skin protection is crucial for enjoying the outdoors. We provide products to protect against UV damage, photoaging, insect bites, weather-related damage, and more. Our DEET-free Bug Stick provides a safe alternative to repel harmful insects while you’re enjoying nature. The all-natural bug stick is easy to use, making it essential to pack in your child’s camp bag this summer. Your little ones will also love applying our Sun Stick all by themselves, without the need for messy sprays and lotions. Sun Stick is not just for the kids; its convenient packaging makes it easy to throw in your pocket and carry with you throughout the day. Zinc oxide, the only active ingredient in our sunscreen, is a stable form of UVA and UVB protection, which is much less likely to break down than chemical ingredients.

Our goal is to protect and restore your skin from damaging elements, with sustainable and all-natural products. We love the outdoors as much as you do, and we reflect our appreciation of nature in our choice of chemical-free and plastic-free packaging and ingredients. Shop with us online and stock up for summer.

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